Project Promotion Criteria

KIPDECO’s participation in any project will be determined on its own merit. However, the peculiarities of the state will also be taken into account. The following are some of the yardsticks to be applied in project appraisal.

a) Size of Investment:
This will depend on a number of factors including total project cost and capital gearing (i.e debt/equity ratio).
b) Project Location:
KIPDECO generally considers investment in projects that are commercially viable and located in any part of the country. However, preference is given to such projects located within Katsina State.
c) Project Viability:
A project in which KIPDECO will participate/invest should meet the following requirements.
i) Commercial Viability:
The project must be profitable i.e it must be capable of generating sufficient surplus over and above its production cost. A project should also be capable of building up reserves and paying reasonable dividends to its shareholders.
ii) Economic Desirability
The Project must also show evidence of raising the living standards of the people, providing gainful employment, and conserving foreign exchange.
iii) Technical Feasibility. The project should be able to operate under known and existing technology. It should be able to use existing available raw materials, essential services, and technical and managerial personnel.
d) In view of the economic and commercial development of Katsina State, KIPD ECO and/or the Katsina State Government may grant additional incentives and/or concessions to project promoters willing to invest in Katsina State.