Mineral Potentials

Mineral Location of Occurrence Local Govt Area Work Done Possible Uses General Remarks
Asbestos Dan-Bido Faskari and Funtua Detailed Investigation by Geological Survey Dept.(GSC) Asphalt, floor tiles, plastics paints etc. A reserve of 400tons given. The asbestos is non-spinning which limits its uses .
Ball Clay To the East of Danja Danja/Bakori Identified Ceramics ware Large quantities available
Basalt To the West of Runka Safana Located Rock wool and re-factory There is a lot of basalt in Nigeria for this occurrence to be significant.
Brick Clays Available in many locations like Jabiri, Kabomo, Kongwalam, Dutsin-Ma All Local Govt.s will have at least one brick-clay location Identified Manufacture of clay bricks A plant already built in Funtua may use the Jabiri clay
Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, Platinum, Vanadium, Chromite Polymettalic association in Jibia and chromites found with Asbestos at Dan-Bido and Mallam Tanko Jibia and FaskarilFuntua Same work as done on asbestos by GSD. Exploration being carried out now in Jibia by the GSNA Steel making factory furnaces, tanning and electronics. Some minerals are strategic The Jibia minerals are an important find. Work is now being carried out
Diamonds Kafur Kafur Pitting, geo-physics and geo- chemistry by ABU.GSD and Diamond Company of Sierra-Leone (DCSL) Gemstone drill bits etc. Kimberlitic pipe identified in kafur
Feldspar Mairana and south of Mahuta Kankia and Kafur Identified Ceramics and glass
Granite Many locations In all Local Govts except Daura and Zango Located mostly during geological mapping by GSD Construction and decorative stones Cutting and polishing of the beautiful; granites, especially in Birchi, Kurfi and on Kano road near Rimi
Graphite Northwest of Malumfashi Kankara Kankara Lead pencils, foundry Associated with felspathic quartzite.
Gravels All stream courses and near Katsina AJI Local Govts especially Katsina/td> Mapped by GSD around Katsina Construction Already being utilized by the construction industry
Gold Schist Belts Especially· Mainly found in Batsari, Safana, Faskari, Bakori and Malumfashi Panning done at Bakori by GSD. NMC investigated some Schist Belts in the State Ornaments and currency Gold found in most schists
Ilmenite Kafur and in other places as streaks in river sands Kafur and all Local Govts Work done in Kafur and Kankara by GSD and NMC To produce Titanium dioxide for paints Work to estimate the reserves at Kafur needed
Iron-ore Rawayau Kurfi Identified Making iron and steel
Kaolin Main Locations are Dan Marke, Kabomo, Dutsin-Ma, Wagini, Kuka and Rimi Kankara, Bakori, Dutsin- Ma and Rimi Work done in Kankara by GSD and NMC. Some work also done by the Katsina Investment Company at Dutsin-Ma Ceramis, paper, rubber paints, textile, plastics, cosmetics, tooth paste, pharmaceuticals, disinfectants, glass etc.
Laterite Many locations Many locations Identified Source of iron and aluminium, construction and road surfacing Laterite used locally for building and for roads
Magnetite In river sands and streaks All oyer the State Identified Source of iron Not an economic ore
Manganese Tudun Kudu. Unguwar Mallam Ayuba, Northwest of Danja Funtua and Bakori Detailed work carried out by National Steel Council (NSC) In making alloys, foundries and dry cell batteries Economic reserve for Ajaokuta Steel Company not yet located. Use of quartzite as rail blast also indicates presence of potential reserves on Gusau road
Marble Kankara Kankara Identified Chemical, metallurgical and building industries
Migmatites Many Location Most Local Govts, especially Funtua, Musawa, Bindawa and Kankia During geological mapping by GSD Construction and decorative stones
Nickel Associated With asbestors asbestos and serpentinite at Mallam Tanko and Dan-Bido Faskari and Funtua Same as the investigation for asbestos by GSD Alloys
Quartz and quartz sands (glass sands) Many rivers especially Jibia, Daura and Katsina Jibia, Daura and Katsina Identified Glass, ceramics and abrasives Glass sand suitable for making glass identified at Jibia and Daura
Quartzite Mainly within schist belts Especially Bakori, Batsari, Faskari and Malunfashi Mapping by ABU and GSD Construction and as a source of silica after grinding Work needed as some quartzite are manganiferous
Rutile As streaks in river sands All over the State Identified Source of Titanium dioxide for paint
Serpentine Mallam Tanko near Sheme Funtua Work done by GSD Decorative stones 31 million ton proved by GSD. Feasibility for the establishment of cutting and polishing based on the deposit already written and awaiting investment
Tourmaline Southeast of Dutsin-Ma and pegmatite dykes elsewhere Dutsin-Ma and other Local Govts Mapped by GSD Gemstone
Tremolite Mairana and gneissic complex Southeast of Funtua Kankia and Funtua Identified by GSD: also mapped by ABU Refractory
Uranium National Anomaly 1 in Daura rcgion Daura and Zango Located with air-borne radio-metric survey Strategic Ground check commenced by the Nigerian Uranium Mining Company (NUMCO) and then abandoned
Vermiculite Dan Marke Kankara Mapped by GSD and ABU Thermal and acoustic installation Further work necessary. Unlikely however to be economical