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About us


To be among the Leading Development Finance Institutions in Nigeria in terms of Industrialization, Wealth Creation and Employment Promotion.


A Vibrant Corporate Outfit with Dynamic Leadership backed by Up-to-Date Facilities, Highly Motivated Skilled Staff and Adequate Funding.


The Company, which has its liability limited by shares, was registered in September, 1988 (RC: 118225) as Katsina State Development Company Limited. However, in 1998 it changed its Corporate name to Katsina State Investment and Property Development Company Ltd. (KIPDECO).


The principal activities of the Company are development financing, property development and investment services. In particular, the Company was incorporated to play a leading role in harnessing and exploiting the abundant mineral, agricultural, and human resources for Katsina State's industrial and commercial development. The Company acts as the State Investment Agency by engaging in activities that stimulate, promote, and enhance the rapid economic development of the State.


KIPDECO is owned by the Katsina State Government of Nigeria.


The KIPDECO Organizational Structure has the Board of Directors at its upper echelon.  The Managing Director, who reports directly to it, is Chief Executive Officer, and oversees the affairs of the Company’s four (4) broad departments, Investment, Property, Finance & Accounts and Corporate Services, now collapsed into two, namely:

>    Operations and

>    Management Services.




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